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Treatment of BPD (borderline personality disorder) is one of the most significant challenges in modern psychiatry.

The borderline disorder is one of the most common causes of sudden psychiatric hospitalizations. However, every practicing psychiatrist knows that the effectiveness of the previously used forms of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatment leaves much to be desired.

The TMS method gives a new look at BPD therapy. Even though research works have been carried out on small groups of patients so far, their effects are encouraging. Reyes-Lopez has treated several patients with an average 30% reduction in BPD symptoms. The most remarkable improvement was in symptoms of anger, mood instability, and impulsiveness.

Another researcher, Calihol, gave half of his group of patients a placebo to compare the improvement in their symptoms with the group of patients receiving TMS treatment. In the group receiving active TMS, significant symptomatic improvement was 40% more frequent than in the placebo group. Another scientist, Feffer decided to study patients living simultaneously with borderline personality disorder and depression. All of his patients noticed a significant improvement in mood, which made them easier to cope with other symptoms of BPD.

At the Magwise Medical Center, we treat the borderline disorder with TMS. We recommend that TMS therapy be accompanied by psychotherapy - then the effects of treatment are the best. TMS therapy is performed similarly, e.g., in the Netherlands, where neurostimulation is associated with schema therapy, and the public insurer even reimburses it.

As the first in Poland, we use combined psychotherapeutic treatment with TMS stimulation performed during psychotherapy sessions to treat BPD.

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